5 Tricks To Get Your Bathroom Ready When Selling Your House

Day 7– When you walk into a spa or luxury hotel bathroom, what small touches do you see? Luxurious towels, lavish hand soaps, scented candles, maybe an orchid? Most importantly, everything is shiny and clean. These small ideas will add enormous value to your bathroom when you go to sell your home. Today’s task is to remove 50% of the items in your bathroom, including the cabinets. Get the kids or hubbie involved and have them do the other bathrooms at the same time. Buyers want to envision a luxury bathroom as their own retreat and seeing your half-used toothpaste, with crust around the cap, is a turn-off. Best of all, you can recreate the 5-star experience with a couple of easy hours of work and still stay within budget. Following are some simple ways to do this without breaking the bank.

1. Clear everything off your countertop. This means toothbrushes, personal hygiene products, dirty soap dishes, even make-up. You don’t want home buyers to feel awkward. They will feel as if they are intruding on your space if they see your items out on display, meaning they won’t feel like it’s going to be their next home.

2. If you have a medicine cabinet, remove the useless stuff.
Then, place your prescriptions in a safe, area that is hidden from view. Buyers will open your medicine cabinet to check out the storage components and you don’t want them to see your personal business or worse, take prescription medicine like oxycontin for their own use. It’s better for everyone for you to just remove it.

3. Remove the items from your shower and around your tub. This includes things like bath mats, extra toilet paper rolls, anything that looks utilitarian. Especially remove the bathroom scale as you don’t want buyers reminded of their weight when they are looking at your Woodbridge home. Again, home buyers may judge you based on the products you use, in lieu of thinking about how they will feel after a long day of work soaking in the jetted tub. You can always keep a shampoo or washcloth out for use, as long as you have basket where you can throw things in a pinch when military buyers come house hunting.

4. Place all cleaning products in a toteable bin. Although the products are a necessary evil to achieve the 5-star experience, people don’t want to be reminded that they too will be cleaning the bathroom once they purchase your house. By placing them all in a bin you will able to remove the cleaning products rapidly, after a quick scrub down.

5. Organize your cabinets. After you have removed the required 50% of your items, you should have the bare necessities left. These items need to be tidied up and organized so that buyers will see how much space is left for their junk. A quick way is to keep everything in a wicker basket. It looks cute and allows you to toss things in without having to do a daily organization.

That’s it today! You are well on your way to recreating your bathroom for your open house. Later blogs will show you how to deal with the cleaning and staging aspects of the bathroom once the rest of the house is also decluttered. As always, if you are looking for a top-rated real estate agent in Woodbridge, please give me a call. Thanks! Kate

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