Day 2-Exterior Prep

Day 2- Today you will spend your time working on the exterior front of your home. First impressions matter and home buyers know within 8 seconds if they want to buy your home.  Most importantly, if buyers don’t like the outside, they are less likely to walk inside. Take the time to walk down to the end of your driveway and approach your house as if you are a prospective home buyer.  You may notice the mailbox needs painting or is askew. If so, grab your spray paint and a shovel and fix it. What does your driveway look like?  In Prince William County, homes have both asphalt and concrete driveways so repair the cracks accordingly.  If you have a stone driveway replace any cracked or broken cobblestones.

Continue up the driveway and take a fresh look at your yard. Buyers will notice any bare spots in the grass, so take the time to rake the area, drop some grass seed, and follow up with top soil.  Depending upon where your home is located in Prince William County, you may need either fescue or bluegrass seed so that it will match your current grass. Ask you your local lawn expert for the right kind.  Keep the area moist and grass will appear in a couple of weeks. When you’re done with the grass,, prune back any overgrown shrubs or overhanging branches that block views. Pluck any weeds and put down mulch. Be sure to add flowers for a touch of color.

Finally, check out the exterior of the house itself. Does it need to be powerwashed? Does the front door need to be painted? Your front door color can make a big impact on the curb appeal of your home. How about your shutters? If they aren’t too high give them a fresh coat of paint, otherwise call a contractor. Finally, make sure your gutters are cleared of leaves. A couple of hours will greatly increase the curb appeal and dollar value of your home. If you’re unsure what needs to be done to make your home competitive, just give me a call.

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