Day 3- Backyard Rejuvenation

Day 3- Now that you have freshened up the front yard for buyers, it’s time to rejuvenate the back yard. The back yard may take more time as it is usually the ‘outdoor living’ area. Begin by shaping trees and bushes. This way when you drag large limbs across the yard, you won’t disturb the grass seed you’ll be putting down later.  Next, you will want to weed and edge the landscape beds and afterwards, you will lay down fresh mulch on them.  If you mulch isn’t too old, you can simply use a pitchfork and turn it over, thus creating a freshly mulched look. At this point, you may also consider investing in a couple of colorful outdoor container plants for pops of color.

Once you’re done with the gardening, it’s time to declutter the yard of any knick knacks or kid toys.  While you may want to keep one birdfeeder out for the birds, having more than one tends to look disjointed to Woodbridge home buyers. Toys, sports equipment, statues, and some of the patio furniture should be packed away.  You want future homeowners to envision leading their lifestyle in your yard. The weather in Woodbridge has been nice this year, so it also a good time to paint the fence or at least freshen up highly trafficked areas.  You should consider doing the same for the deck, patio areas, and back door if you haven’t already called a contractor to do it for you. Be sure to check the lighting and polish up any outdoor hardware.

Sheds are another area where you should remove 75% of the items at this point.  Home buyers will ooh and ahhh at the extra storage area, so make certain the space is clean and is devoid of spiders or mouse droppings. In Woodbridge, home sellers usually pay for a pest inspection so it will serve you well to clean everything before the inspector comes.

If you are fortunate enough to have a hot tub, make sure that it is in good operating order and the water is sparkling. This luxury item bodes well for buyers, but is also a big turn off if it is unsightly because buyers don’t want to pay to fix it or remove it.

Finally, you are ready to sprinkle out some grass seed.  Be sure to follow the directions provided in my Day 2 blog.  Afterwards, turn on the sprinklers to water in the seed and check to make sure the sprinklers are in good working order. Grab a cold one because you  have certainly earned it today. Again, if you have any questions, please give me a call or message me. I’m especially handy diagnosing gardening issues- it’s one of my favorite hobbies!

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