Day 5-Organizing the Kitchen to Sell

Day 5- More than any other room, the kitchen is inarguably the place that buyers seek out the most. I have seen Hope Hill home buyers go beyond just gazing at your beautiful, quartz countertops to opening drawers, cabinets, and refrigerators and examining the space inside them. They’re not judging you on the fact that you have two boxes of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies that you bought 5 months ago stuffed inside. Instead, they are envisioning how much room their own guilty pleasures will take up in the same amount of space.

Because of this psychological inclination, you want to make sure that your kitchen cabinets appear spacious. So today, you’re going to spend a couple of hours organizing them, emptying them out, wiping them down, and packing away at least 50% of the items.  It’s long past time to remove the bread maker that you haven’t used since you learned you were gluten-intolerant, along with the George Foreman grill you quit cooking with once you had kids.  And who really needs two can openers, five casserole dishes and three cookie sheets? You can get by without them until you move into your new home, like one in Hope Hill, with an even larger kitchen.  

Along with your cabinets, you will also need to remove the toaster, Kitchen Aid mixer, booze (including the empty bottles), and accumulated mail from your counters. Home buyers want to know that your home has enough storage for their stuff so clear everything off. You can hide the coffeepot in a pinch because we all have limits and caffeine is where I draw the line.  Later, you can stage a vase of pretty flowers or add a small bowl of colorful fruit on the counter.

This is also the day where you will tackle eliminating items from your food pantry. Again, your goal is to get rid of 50% of the food and miscellaneous items.  Be sure to have a box on hand for food donations—a little goes a long way to those who are food insecure. I realize this is a lot to do, but follow these steps to make the task more manageable.

  • Pull everything out- This way you ascertain what to throw away and what to keep. Is that jar of expired artichoke hearts even edible now? What about the calcified honey bottle? Or the granola bars made with carob chips that your teen hated? Time to toss them or donate them to a local food shelter. (See a list of food shelters near Hope Hill here)
  • Clean everything– And I don’t mean just grab a rag and wipe everything down. Get out your Magic Eraser and begin scrubbing off the grime that forms after a couple of years of not seeing the sun. Be sure to clean all cracks and replace any contact paper that has come loose. At this point you may notice your shelves need to be touched up with paint. Just saying…
  • Organize everything– Don’t just put the ‘lucky to still be here’ items back the way they were before. Sort the items into an arrangement. Buyers don’t care if all of your breakfast items are on the 2nd shelf. Instead, they should see the boxes neatly arranged, according to height, on the 2nd shelf with plenty of room left over. Yes, I realize that I am a little, ok… a lot, OCD, but the object is to command top dollar in your sales price and this organizational hack is an easy way to get more money. Please send me any questions or suggestions to things you have done to make your own home stage better. -Kate

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