Day 6-Organize to Sell

Organize your Packing

I realize that the thought of moving all of the stuff you’ve accumulated throughout the years is overwhelming. Even a short real estate move from Woodbridge to Lakeridge can be a daunting task. Consider todays’ undertaking to be the building block for the rest of the month.  There’s an old saying that the devil is in the details, so today you will create a master plan to help keep the details sorted for the next 24 days. On your list of things to do is to shop or ask for boxes, purchase packing tape, colored paper, sharpies and make an extra set of keys.  You should also prepare a master list of your valuable items such a jewelry or heirlooms.  You may consider packing these last just to keep better track of them.

The first thing you are going to do is to get a bunch of boxes.  You can find these at any packing store like UHaul or WalMart, etc. If you are looking to save some money, consider, or ask bookstores, Starbucks, or your own company if you can take their empty boxes.

After getting the boxes, the next thing you’ll do is buy some packing tape, colored paper and sharpies.  The premise behind this is that you will color coordinate the different rooms of your home using the colored paper on the boxes. This way, as you pack things up, you can put them in the appropriate box and simply place it in the garage for short-term storage. Once the real estate transaction closes and the movers come, you will be able to hand the colored-paper outline to them so that when they (or you) unpack, it’s easy to place the box in the appropriate room. The sharpies are essentially for use as insurance. Simply write the name of the room on the colored paper for example, green paper=basement, pink=office. As you pack for your real estate move, you should also keep a master list of your valuable items like jewelry and heirlooms. This is also a good time to take photos of your valuables for insurance purposes in case something should happen. You may even consider packing these last in order to keep better track of them.

If you are getting rid of large things that you don’t intend on using for the time being like extra outdoor furniture, toys, or rugs, consider washing them thoroughly so you don’t transfer dirt or pests to your new Woodbridge home. If you are packing a generator or grill be sure to drain the oil and gas or move the propane somewhere safe. Now is also a good time to take your local excess paint (that won’t be used for touch-ups) or hazardous material to the landfill for proper disposal as many moving companies will not pack these items.

The final thing you will do today is to make an extra set of keys. The reason for this is that when you hire the best real estate agent like Kate Haldeman (smile) I will need the extra house key to place in a lockbox. What’s a lock box? It’s a contraption with a u-hook that attaches to your door or nearby railing that holds a spare key. Woodbridge real estate agents can request the personal code from me in order to gain entry into your home during specified hours with the intent being to bring buyers to look at your beautiful home. The fact is houses with lock boxes get more showings, which could mean multiple offers, so get that extra set of keys made today.

As always, if you are in need of the best real estate agent in Woodbridge, please give me a call, text or email. Thanks! -Kate


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