Do your bedroom closets turn off home buyers?

Are you frustrated by the amount of junk in your closets? Do you secretly window shop new homes on Zillow to check out the bountiful closets?  Don’t deny it. I do.  Many times, I walk into my closet searching for the perfect outfit to wear to work or for a night out with the ladies only to throw my hands up in annoyance because there is NOTHING TO WEAR! Clearly, the closet is not big enough.  If you are trying to selling your home in Woodbridge and your bedroom closets are packed full, like mine, you are inadvertently telling buyers that your closets are too small for them too.  So today is the day where you take back your closet! Yes, it’s going to be hard parting with those sequined tops from 10 years ago, along with the thigh-high boots you bought for a Halloween outfit, but only wear once a year on your husbands birthday. With a little will-power, some boxes and a fat roll of packing tape, you can reclaim your closets and stage them to sell you home at the same time.

I like to begin cleaning my closet by making my bed. I do this in order to have a clean spot in which to dump everything from my closet out onto my bed.  Yes, it’s a large pile, but this way, I can see the bare bones of the closet.  Usually, I need to touch up the scuffs left behind from my shoes, or tighten loose screws.  Dust bunnies will need to be cleaned and the carpet vacuumed and possibly re-stretched. This is also a great time to clean the window and replace any dim lights.

Next, I go through the clothes on my bed one-by-one and categorize them according to if I have worn them in the last 2 years, by season, and by favorites.  When keeping your favs, I mean the 8-10 outfits that are worn constantly. Nearby, I have my Dump, Donate and Sell boxes for the ones that don’t make the grade.  If you are in the process of selling your home, keep a few items out for the next 3 months because you don’t want to have to go buy a coat or swimsuit since you are all about decluttering now. You will invariably have some clothes that you don’t want to part with for one reason or another. At this point you should ask yourself the question that if your house burned down, would you replace the outfit? If the answer is no, toss it. And while you are thinking along these lines, you really only want to showcase the nicer clothes.  That gorgeous red dress that you have hidden should be presented.  Hide your drab, college sweatshirt in your chest-of-drawers because buyers won’t look into your personal furniture.

Once you have narrowed down the clothes that will go back in your closet to around 15 nice outfits total, you need to stage your closet to look like a designer department store. Think about how much space boutique stores leave available. Clothes should have a couple of inches between the hangers and folded items should not be more than 3 pieces high. While you’re at it, go ahead and invest in some black velvet slim-line hangers. Throw away the hangers you got from the drycleaner, you are selling luxury, not simplicity.  You want future Woodbridge home buyers to drool over your closets like they do the ones on Pinterest.  Next, group your items by color and type to create a more cohesive effect. All black shirts together, then red, and so on. The same thing goes for shoes.

If you have any room (or energy) left after all this, add some details like stacked magazines, a nice piece of artwork or a small vase of flowers. These little details may mean more work for you initially, but they set the stage and subliminally let buyers know that your closet is spacious and worthy of the price that you want them to pay. Remember you are selling a lifestyle, not a home. If you have any questions or comments, or simply are looking for the best real estate agent in Woodbridge, buzz me below and don’t forget to share your pics!

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