Stage Your Bedroom to Sell Your Home

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When prepping to sell your home, you need to spend a decent amount of time in staging the bedrooms. As buyers walk through your home, they are imagining the lifestyle that comes with the home, not necessarily the specific features. For instance, they may be thinking of the holiday parties they can throw in your kitchen and not notice the upgraded plantation shutters you just installed. The same premise goes for the bedrooms. After the buyers have been wowed by your made-over kitchen, they will head immediately upstairs to check out the bedrooms. Much like a hotel room, the first thing they will notice is the sumptuous bed and the amount of space around it, as well as symmetry and color.. As a seller, it’s up to you to entice them to purchase your home by staging your bedrooms in a way that is Houzz-drool worthy. It doesn’t have to cost much. You will sell your home quickly, and for the highest return on investment, if you follow a few of my proven tips in transforming your bedroom.

First off, homebuyers certainly don’t want to see clothes or toys on the floor. Clothes and toys on the floor will remind them that even in a larger, newer home they too will have to pick up their things. While you’re at it, remove your knick knacks, personal photos and anything related to grooming. The key is to make the space neutral. You can make the bedrooms look more inviting by cleaning them thoroughly and decluttering unnecessary furniture. The bedrooms should appear as spacious as possible.

Next, you will want to take off an outdated comforters and rumpled draperies. Your job is to create a polished, gender-neutral room. Crisp, clean linens and a blanket folded at the base of the bed will set the tone easily. Even if your design skills are lacking, all you need to do is simply pick out a comforter with tasteful colors, choose a neutral paint color that coordinates with the comforter, then buy a pair or matching curtains and a decorative pillow to make the room pop. It’s really that easy and the room will look completely refreshed.

If you have a room that doubles as an office/bedroom/gym, it’s time to rejuvenate it and turn it back into a bedroom. In the housing market, more bedrooms, means more money. It’s confusing for buyers to see a room divided into different purposes. They will be reminded that your home doesn’t have enough room and they will think of the gym or office space they are giving up. In order to convert a room back to a bedroom you’re going to need a few props – many of which you probably already own. Don’t have a spare bed? Think camping air mattress. Yes, you will need to elevate it off of the floor but you can do this with 5 gallon buckets or spare boxes. Toss a comforter on it, pick out a pair of matching drapes and you are well on your way to staging a bedroom.

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The piece de resistance of a bedroom is the headboard. It draws attention to the room. You can fake a headboard by placing a large picture near the bed and propping up the pillows. Alternatively, you create one with a handy staple gun, plywood, foam, and fabric. Add a side table and a lamp and your home will sell faster and for more money than if you had left the rooms alone. As always, text, call of email me if you have any questions or comments. Thanks!