Stage Your Laundry Room to Sell Your Woodbridge Home

Let’s face it, very few people enjoy doing laundry. My mother-in-law is the exception. She’ll spend countless hours washing, folding, and pressing EVERYTHING including bedsheets (which is another reason why I LOVE having her visit!). For the rest of us, it’s a different story. My kids go through at least 3 outfits per day: one for school, one for sports, and one for ‘hangin out’. This combination tends to create monumental stages of laundry that I essentially rotate from the bathroom to the basket by the washing machine, take the ones out of the washing machine, move the clothes out of the dryer, avoid sitting on the clothes waiting to be folded on the sofa, and encourage (aka yell) at my kids to put away the clothes neatly folded in the basket. So, I can empathize with families who have to contend with laundry while trying to sell their home in Woodbridge.

That being said, the National Association of Home Builders reported that “ A separate laundry room topped the list of the most-wanted home features for buyers of all ages–from millennials to seniors.” In short, 92% of home buyers want a laundry room so they can keep their own clothes contained in a relatively small area, out of eyesight. For this reason, it’s important that you take the time to stage your laundry room by creating the illusion that you have a laundry room of model home quality and a laundry fairy who magically cleans everything instantaneously. This is what every homebuyer secretly wants.

I’m sure you know by now from reading my other posts (insert shameless plug) that you realize the first step is to declutter. This means you actually have to get ahead of the laundry in order to remove the other stuff that is hiding underneath it. There should be nothing on top of your washer or dryer. You also need to store everything that you do not immediately need. For me, this means locks that have gravitated their way to the throw-all basket, dog toys, crafts, wayward socks, or extra cleaning supplies that won’t be used for a while.

Next, clean like crazy. Your laundry room should sparkle. This means moving the washer and dryer to clean out the debris that has accumulated for a couple of years. You might even get lucky and find a favorite item of missing clothing or money. (In my case, I found $10, which I used, after cleaning, to reward myself with a bottle of wine). You should also wipe down the cabinets, baseboards, windowsills, and blinds if you have them. Since you’re on a roll, go ahead and clean out the lint trap that vents to the outside. People looking to buy a home in Woodbridge will be repelled if they see lint hanging out of the dryer vent as they walk up to your home during an Open House.

Painting is the next thing on your to do list. The laundry room should sparkle and nothing does that like a fresh coat of paint. Besides being inexpensive, painting probably won’t take too long as laundry rooms are not usually very big. Be sure to touch up the baseboards as you go, otherwise they will appear dingy in contrast to the walls.

Lastly, purchase some inexpensive bins or baskets. They can either be used as a display or they can be used to store unattractive, detergent bottles. You may also consider getting a mirror to make the space look bigger and finished. A painting or piece of art may also brighten up the space and can serve as a focal point.

Photo by Better Homes & Gardens

My final tidbit of wisdom is to keep an extra basket nearby. If you get a last minute showing, it’s easy to toss any extra clothes or loose items into the basket and place them in your car. You can deal with them after the showing. Worst case scenario, you could adopt the bachelor lifestyle where they simply throw the dirty clothes straight into the washer and then pick the clothes for the day out of the dryer. Good luck with selling your home! If you are searching for the Best Real Estate Agent in Woodbridge (and a Finalist for Best Realtor by readers of POSH Seven Magazine), I hope you will give me a call. Kate Haldeman