Winterize Your Woodbridge Home

With the temperatures expected to dip below freezing this week, it’s a great time to winterize your Woodbridge home, especially if you are considering selling it in the Spring. Following are 10 tips that I have gleaned in my real estate experience that will help keep you and your family warm and safe this winter.

  1. Change Your Fans- In the winter, your fans should run clockwise. This helps to circulate hot air and bring it back down into the room.
  2. Winterize Your Hose Bibs- Your outdoor water faucets should be turned off from the main water valve inside, as well as outside. Open the valve to let out drips so they don’t freeze and burst your pipes. Alternatively, you can add an insulated cover over it too.
  3. Replace Your Smoke Detector Batteries- Batteries should be replaced twice a year. Also, if your smoke detector goes off intermittently, it’s time for it to be replaced.
  4. Check Your Carbon Monoxide Detector- You should change the batteries and replace them after 5-7 years.
  5. Change Your Air Filter- A dirty air filter makes it harder for your furnace to work, thus costing you more money. Also, with the upcoming flu season, a good HEPA filter will remove 99.7% of bacteria, mold, viruses, and pollen and help keep your family healthier.
  6. Check Out Your Furnace- Contact a HVAC company to tune-up your furnace. They will check to ensure the heat exchanger is not cracked, which is a leading cause of carbon monoxide.
  7. Program Your Thermostat- Heating a home costs money. Consider getting a thermostat that you can program so you don’t waste energy when you’re not home.
  8. Insulate Windows, Door and Outlets- For windows you can use plastic sheeting to help keep air loss to a minimum. You should place weather-stripping in door cracks to fill the gaps, Lastly, outlet insulators are relatively cheap and will keep those small drafty areas under control.
  9. Check Your Chimney- Chimneys should be swept out annually. Go outside and check the exterior condition of the chimney to ensure there are no nests or branches touching it and that the roof flashing is tight against the chimney.
  10. Winterize Your Yard- Sprinklers should be blown out to prevent cracked pipes. Put away your stone lawn decorations so they don’t break during the winter.

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